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WOMEN IN ANTIQUITY- Artist Residency - Fondation Blachere

The series Women In Antiquity was created during my Artist Residency at Fondation Blachere. Sitters & co-creators; Penda Mbaye, Binqui Mbaye and Thula Neka.

Only by acknowledging the speculative nature of photographic inquiry can we all make our voices heard and properly engage with societal issues. This is the basis of my artist residency at Fondation Blachere.

In our over-organised yet increasingly chaotic and predominantly patriarchal society, we often prioritize thinking over intuition and outward focus over inward reflection. Current gender-politics causing polarization rather than equality made me want to learn about how ancient civilizations dealt with the issues of chaos and patriarchy. Reseachers found that ancient Egyptians revered both masculine and feminine genders and created a spiritual system that celebrated goddesses alongside gods. This had its effect in society: it was more balanced, harmonious and united. 

Today, feminists dismiss patriarchy due to the chaos and disorder it has created. Following ancient Egyptian times, a divine femininity has been repressed, making it mysterious and hard to define. With an all-female crew, I chose to create empowering feminine series, searching for imagery that conjures up an atmosphere of what this archetype could be. The series was shot in an ochre quarry in Provence, France. The ancient ochre pigment has been part of the human story since the very beginning. The various earthly shades of pigments add a mystical depth to the light, narrative, and photographs, helping to bring a divine femininity to life. 

Installion View below | Group Show "RESTORE" (2022)  

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